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North Rim Grand Canyon.jpg

North Rim Grand Canyon
National Park

Distance:         148 miles

Time:                2 hr 45 min

The North Rim is over 8,000 feet in elevation.  The Bright Angel Point paved trail provides classic views of the North Rim.  The Bright Angel Point Trail begins at the Grand Canyon Lodge patio.  Lodging is available at the Grand Canyon Lodge that has a number of dinning opportunities.  Hint:  Sometimes it is easier to get a reservation here if you do wait until the last minute when you can take the space of a last minute cancellation.  On your way to the North Rim you will go through Jacob Lake, Arizona.  Make sure to stop at the trading post/motel next to the Chevron station and get a cookie.  The trading post features an excellent café and numerous high-end Native American art works, rugs, and jewelry.

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