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Better Restaurants


Casablanca Resort, Mesquite, NV

Distance: 39.5 mile

Fellow Hams,   The following is a selection of restaurants ranked in order, best on top, that my YL and I always look forward to going back to.  Meaning, they have great food, excellent service, and an enjoyable atmosphere.  Note that these tend to be the most expensive restaurants in the area.  Reservations are recommended.  73,  The Ham Gourmet


Eureka Casino, Mesquite, NV

Distance: 36.7 mile

Spotted Dog

Springdale, UT

Distance: 42.6 mile


Downtown St George, UT

Distance: 2.8 mile

Painted Pony

Downtown St George, UT

Distance: 3.0 mile


St George, UT

Distance: 3.8 mile

Casa Tequilana

Leeds, UT

Distance: 14.08 mile

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