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  145.49          -0.6 MHz     100.0       Utah Hill       EchoLink

  146.64          -0.6 MHz     100.0       Webb Hill     EchoLink

  448.15          -5 MHz                         Utah Hill      Fusion

  145.45          -0.6 MHz     100.0       Toquerville    EchoLink

Repeater Information

Local Area Repeaters

Chirp Data Files

The files are data files for CHIRP, the radio frequency programming software. The files are for repeaters when traveling to or from St. George, Utah and cover most of the Western United States. The data files are inside a .zip file that includes the .img file of the repeaters for CHIRP and a pdf file that explains the particular list of repeaters. The code for the local airports are used to reduce file name size while indicating what the files contain.

The 145.49 is a high elevation mountain-top repeater with good general wide-area coverage. The 145.45 is a medium level machine that works best in the Hurricane area. Up to the Zion park entrance works on a mix of 145.49 and 145.45 with .45 being the best overall. The 146.64 is a low level machine for St. George and Washington area coverage. All three of these repeaters are normally linked.

Additional Sources

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