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Buddistick PRO Deluxe Package valued at $279. 

HamCon:Zion2024 and Buddipole are teaming up to give one lucky person the amazing Buddistick PRO Deluxe Package. Designed as a multi-band, portable antenna for 40m - 6m, the Buddistick PRO™ is an excellent performer with any transceiver up to 250 watts. Registration is easy and free!

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Special Events Station

Come activate the Buddipole HCZ Special Events Station (K7Z) during your visit to HamConZion:2024 and check out the new BuddiHEX antenna in action!


Commercial booth sales are now live.  Claim your space today!

Having your company represented in-person at Hamcon:Zion 2024 offers a tremendous business opportunity. There is no better way to develop life-long customer relationships and build valuable brand loyalty than by engaging with customers face-to-face. HCZ:2024 will provide commercial vendors, with a first-class expo event experience where businesses can interact one-on-one with potential customers. This is a excellent opportunity for companies to build solid relationships by getting their brand in-front of a live audience of potential customers. Click on the VENDORS button to find out more.