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Parowan Gap Petroglyphs.jpg

Parowan Gap Petroglyphs

Distance:         73.1 miles

Time:                 1 hr 10 min

Native Americans, traveling through what is now known as the Parowan Gap, stopped and used the smooth faces of large boulders on the east side of the gap to carve petroglyphs.  It is thought that the petroglyphs were the work of several cultural groups and were carved over a long period of time by Native cultures.  The symbols tell the stories of the people’s view of the world, ideas, and actual events.

What many claim to be the best cinnamon rolls in the west are available at the Parowan Café on Main Street in Parowan, Utah.  This is just a short side-trip from the petroglyphs (11.0 miles, 17 min).

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